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I have bought a house in Warwick and moved in one year ago from a previous owner. I now find I am still not registered as the owner. The solicitor is not responding to my questions. I have considered complaining to the Legal Ombudsman but that will not solve my problem. Can I get another solicitor to act on my behalf and check what has happened?

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Paul Outhwaite

Paul Outhwaite's response

The simple answer is yes you can, but the solicitor may well come up against the same wall of silence that you are coming up against at the moment.

There are many reasons why registrations at the Land Registry can be delayed but it is unusual for them to be delayed by a whole year, which suggests that there may be a problem in getting your title registered.

I would be happy to speak to you over the phone as a little investigation at the Land Registry on our part may reveal more.

I would suggest that you invoke the offending firm's complaints procedure and if that does not provide you with the answers then a complaint to the Legal Ombudsman would be your next port of call.