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My son is just over 14 yrs old and he no longer wishes to live with his mother and is refusing to go back. His view from a 7 year old has never changed. He has suffered years of mental and emotional abuse at her hands and I tried in 2008 to get residence for him. Knife edge decision the Judge granted him to live with his mother and contact with me at specified and additional time if we want it. She has been obstructive and alienates me and denigrates me constantly again against the court order. He has never been allowed to use home phone to contact me. I have bought mobile phone to remain in contact. School is now also concerned about him. I have parental responsibility and I have exercised this right in support of him as i am concerned about his health and well being. and keeping him with me. Where do I go now ? I didnt want to go against court order but enough is enough of this constant torment which we can evidence.

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