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We want to apply for a Judicial Review we have been turned down for adoption by our local council and the IRM. We have not much time left (about a month) trying to find a solicitor where it will not cost much we may/maynot qualify for legal aid. Basically we feel our local authority did not do exactly what their procedures/policy said they should do. new info which came to light (about my husbands health) just before we went to panel. My husband has a Gastro Intestinal Stromal Tumor (GIST)which is controlled by medicication and he has regular scan which shows everything as being excellent He has had this for 7 years now . Our agency received a letter in April '10 from his consultant saying they cannot predict his life span. Then a further letter arrived in Aug10 giving an excellent report but not mentioning life span. This was seen only a few days before panel, no one acted on it (Panel was Sept 2010). Also we were never given a list of Panel members and actual papers submitted to panel (excluding refs). Also not given a months notice of panel meeting- less than 2 weeks notice.. tel cal on day changed time to 2 hours earlier. Not a diverse panel . We are a mixed couple have one adopted daughter (We had a full PAR Assessment) Would our case get permission to go to Judicial Review

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