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My mother passed away this past January, and I didn't know until after the fact that she had taken a loan out on her house. I have made several attempts to work with the bank that holds the loan, sending them copies of her will and trust showing where I am now the executor of her estate. They are making this a very difficult process. They are not even willing to talk to me about the loan, and they are not even willing to provide me with any information about paying off said loan or to at least bring it current. The one time I received anything from them, a check was sent out by my church, which was returned to me. The loan has now reached default status, and I am desperately trying to keep it from going into foreclosure. I am not sure how to proceed with this situation, and all the stress and anxiety I have been dealing with is beginning to negatively affect my health. Do I need to get a lawyer involved at this point?

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